Sing For Your Supper

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This intimate cookbook — designed to be enjoyed by friends — invites you to dig into the delicious, nourishing, and inspiring meals Blue Rodeo shared while recording In Our Nature, their 13th studio album. In the spirit of the ultimate kitchen party, Kate Boothman has collected, handwritten, and illustrated 80 beautiful and band-tested recipes — including ten of Blue Rodeo's own creations — to keep you humming.

  • 80 Recipes created by Kate Boothman & Blue Rodeo
  • All Recipes are handwritten and illustrated by the author
  • 110 pages in length
  • 10 colour pages including behind the scenes shots from the band’s recording of In Our Nature
  • Blue Rodeo will donate their portion of the proceeds from Sing For Your Supper to the Daily Bread Food Bank.
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