The Things We Left Behind Released in the US

January 29, 2010

All of North America is enjoying The Things We Left Behind now that the album has released in the States.  Check out these great reviews!

  • “… a testimony to the creative staying power of this extraordinary country-rock outfit…The Things We Left Behind is a lesson in how to deliver a first-rate country-rock album in this day and age… this one is a definite keeper!” – Power Pop
  • “Cuddy and Keelor both seem to be taking stock, reflecting on the passage of time and the state of the heart with penetrating but poetic insight… An absolutely stellar outing, this is unquestionably the strongest statement yet from a band that continues to set new standards with each release. Highly recommended!” – BlogCritics
  • “…it helps when you have two songwriters as consistently great as Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, who are obviously trying to push themselves creatively. The results are pretty impressive.” – PopDose

BR_22minutesPlus read many more reviews in publications such as Slant, the Banner Graphic, Chicks With Guns, and upcoming reviews in Spin and the new M magazines.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Jim and Greg were on This Hour Has 22 Minutes recently, interviewed ambushed by Geri Hall during their stop in Halifax.  Watch the clip right here.

New 2010 Tour Merch

Brand new 2010 Tour merchandise will be arriving in the Store very soon. We’ll have all the t-shirts currently being sold at the shows right now, and some brand new toques and scarfs!

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