The Things We Left Behind [2009/2LP + Bonus CD]

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Blue Rodeo's 12th studio recording The Things We Left Behind celebrates the resurgence of the LP. This 12x12 double gatefold, double vinyl album comes packaged with a bonus double CD, individual full colour art CD sleeves, and a lyrics insert.

LP One

Vinyl Side A

  1. All The Things We Left Behind
  2. One More Night
  3. Waiting For The World
  4. Never Look Back
  5. Sheba

Vinyl Side B

  1. One Light Left In Heaven
  2. Million Miles
  3. Gossip

LP Two

Vinyl Side C

  1. Don't Let The Darkness In Your Head
  2. Arizona Dust
  3. In My Bones
  4. Candice
  5. Wasted

Vinyl Side D

  1. You Said
  2. And When You Wake Up
  3. Venus Rising
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