Blue Rodeo Song Book Vol. VI - Days In Between & Palace of Gold

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This collection features the vocal, piano and guitar sheet music for all 26 songs from Days In Between and Palace of Gold.

Track Listing/Liste des titres:

Days In Between

  1. Cinema Song
  2. The Seeker
  3. Begging You To Let Me In
  4. Bitter Fruit
  5. Somebody Waits
  6. Andrea
  7. Sad Nights
  8. This Road
  9. The Days In Between
  10. Always Getting Better
  11. Rage
  12. Truscott

Palace Of Gold

  1. Palace Of Gold
  2. Holdin' On Too Tight
  3. Homeward Bound Angel
  4. Bulletproof
  5. Comet
  6. Walk Like You Don't Mind
  7. Love Never Lies
  8. What A Surprise
  9. Cause For Sympathy
  10. Stage Door
  11. Clearer View
  12. Glad To Be Alive
  13. Find A Way To Say Goodbye
  14. Tell Me Baby

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